Admission to the Teacher Education Program is open to all Meredith students who meet the standards established by the Meredith College Teacher Education Committee. Because there are a number of specific teacher education requirements within the general education requirements of the College, students planning on licensure who apply early for admission to the Teacher Education Program have an advantage in scheduling and may be able to reduce the time required to complete the degree program and licensing program.

Note: The majority of methods classes can be taken only after admission to the program.


1. Discuss obtaining a teaching license with your faculty advisor, decide on the area of licensure desired, and complete a Declaration of Major form. 

2. The Registrar furnishes the Department of Education with a copy of the student’s Declaration of Major form and transcript. If your overall GPA is 2.0 or better, you will receive the Information/Application package. However, admission is not granted until the student’s overall GPA is 2.75 or better on a 4-point scale. No more than one-half of the professional education courses may be taken before formal admission to the program. Students seeking middle or secondary licensure areas must be formally admitted to Teacher Education before enrolling in the methods course or have special permission from the instructor.

3. Take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core Reading, Core Writing, Core Math) by the end of your sophomore year (or as soon as possible thereafter), make the required minimum scores, combination, or better. Request that official copies of your scores be sent to Meredith College. Note: SAT or ACT scores may be accepted in place of Praxis Core. Contact the Department of Education for more information.

4. Attend the “Orientation to Education” required meeting (scheduled twice during the fall and spring semesters).

5. Complete and return forms as quickly as possible. (Note: If you are required to take courses in the spring for which you need to be admitted, all requirements must be met by October 15; if fall, March 15.

  • A completed application includes:
  • Application cover sheet: To be completed by student.
  • Student Essay: Follow the directions provided.
  • Recommendations: Provide at least two faculty recommendations, one of which must be from a faculty member of the Department of Education and one from a faculty member in the major. You are also encouraged, but not required, to provide a recommendation(s) from another faculty member who is familiar with your abilities.
  • Planned Program: List all completed and anticipated courses to be taken for degree and licensure requirements through “block” semester. List by name and course number. See your advisor for assistance and have the form signed by your advisor.

6. When all required forms are received by the Department of Education, the application will be reviewed for admission.

7. You will be notified of formal admission in writing by the Chair of the Department of Education.

Special Note: All students must demonstrate speech competency prior to their internship. Have a faculty member from whom you’ve taken an approved “oral communications thread” course (e.g. EDU 232, Schools and Social Change) complete the Speech Competencies Screening Form and have the results sent to the Department of Education.

Education at Meredith College

Find out what sets Meredith's education programs apart and why our teachers are among the best regionally and nationally.

Find out what sets Meredith’s education programs apart and why our teachers are among the best regionally and nationally.

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