Initial Licensure:  

The Teacher Education Program is open to women and men college graduates who meet the standards established by the Meredith College Teacher Education Committee and the Department of Education. Initial licensure candidates must take a minimum of 30 hours of course work at Meredith, which may include courses in general education. Exceptions will be determined on an individual basis by the Department of Education.

In addition to the satisfactory completion of course requirements, students must pass licensure exams as outlined by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


All applications for admission to the Licensure Only teaching program are considered ready for review after the following materials have been submitted to the Graduate Programs Office:

  • Completed online; nonrefundable $25 transcript evaluation fee or waiver required. Online payment available upon submission of application.
  • An official copy of your undergraduate transcript(s) for evaluation.
  • After receiving the written evaluation, contact the Department of Education to schedule an appointment with an advisor. During your meeting, a planned program will be prepared and further information about admission will be furnished.


Individuals who want to begin the licensure program in the fall semester should have their application completed and submitted to the Graduate Programs Office by July 1. Those who want to begin the program in the spring semester should have their application submitted by November 1.