Be a member of one of our Lifetime Giving Societies at Meredith College. Our donors play an important role in the life of the College today and for the future. Our Lifetime Giving Societies allow us to recognize our most generous supporters. 

You can become a member of any of these societies based on cumulative giving over time to the College. Annual giving societies are calculated based on gifts received during the fiscal year beginning July 1 through June 30 each year.

Lifetime Giving Societies

Meredith Society

Platinum Circle: $5 million+ 

Gold Circle: $1 million – $4,999,999
Silver Circle: $500,000 – $999,999
Bronze Circle: $100,000 – $499,999

Stringfield Endowment Society

$25,000+ giving to any endowment fund

Lanneau Society

Gift in will, trust, insurance policy, and gift annuity

Meredith College partners with FreeWill – a free, online estate planning tool – to make it easy for those in our community to include a legacy gift in their will or living trust. When you include a gift in your will, you not only sustain the next generation of students at Meredith but also join a community of peers in the Lanneau Society. Get started and craft your legacy today!


Annual Giving Societies—The Meredith Fund

Annual gifts are imperative to the success of Meredith College. The Annual Giving Societies recognize donors who contribute annually to The Meredith Fund, which serves as the annual giving program for the College. Annual donors play a vital role in ensuring that Meredith College continues to thrive and grow with each incoming class.

Throughout the fiscal year, gifts from annual donors establish new scholarships for students in need, support faculty research and travel, expand opportunities for our athletes, and support the College’s Greatest Needs.

Iris Society

Founded in 1997, the Iris Society is named for the Meredith Hues Iris that became Meredith College’s official flower that same year.  Patrons of the Iris Society are honored for their dedication to the history and growth of the College.

  • Iris Society – President’s Circle 

     $5,000+ Annually
     Recent graduates $2,500*

  • Iris Society

     $1,000 – $4,999 Annually
     Recent graduates $500*


Ivy Society

Symbolic of the daisy chain made with ivy and daisies for Class Day, Ivy Society donors represent the loyal and enduring bond between recent graduates* and the Meredith College community. While preserving the powerful chains of tradition and sisterhood, these patrons help create a strong College for future generations. Ivy Society donors are honored annually for their steadfast commitment to their alma mater. 

     *from the past 15 years


Onyx Society

The Onyx Society is a recognition society for our loyal donors who give each year for a minimum of three consecutive years. Just as the oval onyx embodies the strength of the Meredith community, annual gifts are the lifeline of our College. Donors in the Onyx Society set a philanthropic example for others. They show an unwavering commitment to the resilience and vibrant growth of Meredith now and for the future.

  • Three or more years of consecutive giving

Contact Information 
Jennifer Kaisersatt
Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP of Institutional Advancement
(919) 760-8374