Academic/Program Schedule

The traditional internship pathway is approximately nine months in duration starting in late July/August and ending in June, with breaks in November & December.

The Site Preceptor Pathway is 9-13 months long. The program starts in late July/August and ends June-October of the following year. Student is provided with Food Service Management and Clinical Site. Student is responsible for identifying their other rotations, with approval of the DI Director/Coordinator and the sites they are contracting with.

The ISPP is 9-24 months long. The program starts in late July/August of each year.  The ISPP Student must complete the program within 2 years of their starting date, which is the first date of orientation. The ISPP Student finds all of their own sites and sets their own schedule, with approval of the DI Director/Coordinator and the sites they are contracting with.

Experiential Learning Experiences:

The experiential learning component of each pathway is divided into four general rotations:

FNG 600 – 12 weeks of Clinical Nutrition Internship

FNG 603 – 4 weeks of Community Nutrition – Wellness

FNG 604 – 4 weeks of Community Nutrition – Public Health

FNG 607/608 – 5 weeks of Food Service Management Rotation

FNG 616 – 1 weeks of Enrichment

(the number of weeks per rotation may vary slightly)

Students will work at their sites 40+ hours per week. Daily work schedules will vary & are set by the site supervisor/preceptor. 

FNG 601 – ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION SEMINAR Advanced study of the relationship between nutrition and selected pathophysiological conditions. Discussion of the role of nutrition in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of those conditions.  Ethical and legislative issues in dietetics will be discussed.


Advanced examination of career professionalism, nutrition standards, advanced communication, leadership skills, and enhancing knowledge through nutrition informatics.  Discussions will include workplace professionalism, oral and written communication, formal presentation skills, and leadership development. 3 hours


Over the course of a ten day enrichment rotation in Italy, you will gain insight into the enthralling Italian culture and the food which anchors the Tuscan lifestyle. You will begin in Sansepolcro, Italy, a small sixteenth century walled town located in the heart of Tuscany about halfway between Florence and Rome. You will spend time among the many rustic and ancient buildings of Sansepolcro truly gaining a sense of what it is like to live in this exquisite country.

The program also includes multiple cooking classes taught right in Sansepolcro by a native Italian, who will instruct you on how to transform fresh, seasonal foods into beautiful Italian meals and who will also give you a true sense of the Italian lifestyle. Students will experience the common meal patterns of Italy, become familiar with Italian etiquette and food practices, and learn how to prepare many of the traditional Italian dishes in order to enrich their education in nutrition.

The program will conclude in Florence, where students will once again see the integration of various influences into the Italian culture. By participating in this program, you as a future dietitian will gain a cultural awareness which can only be obtained through travel and immersion, that is critical to the effective communication of diet and health.

Dates:  May 1 – 12, 2024

To apply, go to: Meredith Abroad Summer Application

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