Onyx Ring

The Meredith Class Ring was designed in 1953 by a committee including students Jean Dula Fletcher, Ann Lovell, and Mary Jon Gerald Roach. The ring is an oval onyx ring surrounded by silver or gold with the Meredith seal engraved on the onyx and oak leaves impressed on the band. As an undergraduate, the student wears the ring on her finger with the seal pointing toward her. At graduation, she turns the ring around so that the seal faces the world. Current degree-seeking undergraduate students who have completed 60 hours of coursework (typically by the first semester of the junior year) are eligible to purchase the ring. Sales are coordinated throughout the academic year by the Office of Alumnae Relations. 

Alumnae can purchase a ring anytime after graduation and are eligible for repairs or resizing of rings for the life of the ring.

Order a new ring and learn more about warranty, repairs or resizing.

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