We’re here for you. Every step of the way.

Meredith offers a number of resources to help make the most of your time at Meredith and help you succeed – in the classroom and in life.

Academic Success

Personalized Academic Advising

Through the Office of Academic Advising, students receive personal advising to help stay on track with their academic goals. With submission of their enrollment deposit, students are assigned a faculty advisor based on their area of interest and immediately connected with that advisor. They are also assigned a student advisor, specifically for transfer students.

Evening Business Degree Completion Program

Students transferring to Meredith with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science, or students enrolling in Meredith to pursue a second degree in business administration are eligible for the evening business degree completion program. All business courses are offered on campus in the evenings. To complete the program within two years, students must have fulfilled all general education requirements prior to enrolling at Meredith.


Our signature advising and coaching initiative is designed to help you identify and build on your strengths throughout your time at Meredith.


Our strong reputation among employers locally and nationally means students have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right internship.

Learning Center

The Learning Center provides free, one-on-one tutoring to any Meredith student who needs assistance with foreign languages, mathematics, science, and writing for all subjects.

Study Abroad

Meredith offers study abroad programs for every major and in more than 30 countries. We even offer summer programs.

Undergraduate Research

Students from across campus have the opportunity to build partnerships directly with faculty through collaborative research projects. And students frequently present at local and national conferences.

Student Life

Clubs & Organizations

Meredith has more than 100 clubs and organizations including the student government association, class councils, publications, event planning, service organizations, religious affiliations, and honor societies.

Leadership & Service

The Office of Student Leadership and Service offers opportunities for students to discover the power of service through civic engagement and active global leadership. Service programs are available for students who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Lowery Fitness Center

Free for students, the on-campus fitness center holds 39 pieces of equipment, including 11 treadmills, eight bikes, eight elliptical cross trainers, four ascent trainers, two rowers, and six power lifting racks. Students also have access to free weights, kettlebells, resistance machines, physio balls, bands, and accessory equipment.

Building Community

Meredith offers many unique and lasting traditions – a great opportunity to build friendships and be a part of the Meredith community. Traditions such as Big Sister/Little Sister, Cornhuskin’, Stunt, and Ring Dinner, where juniors receive their Onyx, build a sisterhood that can only be understood here.

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