Application Requirements

Academic Transcript – Official

Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript from all colleges attended, even if credit was not earned. Transfer students who have less than 30 transferrable hours must also submit their high school transcript, high school equivalency diploma or certificate of completion. Request your official transcripts from your school’s registrar.


The personal investment you make to our common good is important. Applicants are encouraged to provide information about extra-curricular/community involvement that demonstrates how you are positively impacting your community. Relevant experiences include, but are not limited to, involvement with community organizations, employment, caring for your family, clubs, the arts, athletics, leadership opportunities, honors societies, volunteer work or community service.

Application Fee

Transfer and adult applicants must submit a $40 non-refundable fee or acceptable fee waiver.

Readmission applicants must submit a $40 non-refundable fee. 

Online payment can be made here. You may also pay by mailing a check or money order to the Office of Admissions, 3800 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27607-5298. Cash is also accepted.

Please note that application fees are non-refundable.


TransferWings degree completion, and Wings second degree applicants must provide a list of all courses in which they are currently enrolled or an explanation of how time has been spent if not currently enrolled

Credit Evaluation Complete

Completed by the Office of the Registrar and reflects transferable credits and general education requirements met after review of official college, university, or post-secondary institutional transcripts.


A writing sample is an important component of your application. Your response provides deeper insight into who you are – your passions, your strengths and what you will bring to the Meredith community. Your essay helps us understand the experiences that have shaped you.

Transfer and Wings applicants – Please submit a personal essay on a topic of your choice (at least 250 words):

  • Transfer applicants may wish to address their reasons for leaving their current institution to attend Meredith.
  • Wings applicants may address their desire to return to college in general and why Meredith is an appropriate place to achieve that goal.

Interview with Admissions Officer

Applicants may be required to interview with an admissions officer.

Off-Campus Housing Request Form (Transfer Students Only)

Meredith College takes pride in its academic community life and feels strongly that the residence life experience is an integral part of the community. However, Meredith allows transfer students under the age of 21 at the time of enrollment to indicate their residential preference when applying for admission. To request to live off-campus, transfer students must submit the Off-Campus Housing Request Form.

Off-Campus Housing Approved

All off-campus housing requests must be approved before an admission decision will be offered. Be sure to submit your Off-Campus Housing Request form. The Admissions Office, on behalf of the applicant, will obtain approval.

Photocopy of Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Visa and/or I-9 Form

International applicants who are non-U.S. citizens will be required to submit a photocopy of one of these documents if accepted for admissions.

Readmission Clearance: Academic Advisor

Readmission applicants only. No action is required by the applicant. The Office of Admissions will seek feedback from the advisor regarding the student’s readmission.

Readmission Clearance: Accounting

Readmission applicants only. No action is required by the applicant. The Office of Admissions will seek feedback from the Accounting Office regarding a student’s readmission. Clearance is not granted until all previous balances have been paid.

Readmission Clearance: Dean of Students

Readmission applicants only. No action is required by the applicant. Office of Admissions will seek feedback from the Dean of Students regarding a student’s readmission.

Readmission Clearance: Registrar

Readmission applicants only. No action is required by the applicant. The Office of Admissions will seek feedback from the Registrar regarding a student’s readmission.


Professor Recommendation for transfer and Wings applicants is optional.

School Report – School Official Recommendation

Transfer applicants must submit the School Report – School Official Recommendation completed by the Dean of Students or Registrar at the current or most recent institution.

Student Signature

Transfer and Wings applicants, who submitted a paper application, must sign to indicate that all information given on the application is complete and accurate.

U.S. Citizen Verification

Transfer and Wings applicants confirm that country of citizenship is the United States.

Contact Information
Jill Hilliard
Associate Director of Admissions
1st Floor, Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8581
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