Insights from the Class of 2023

Meredith College recently celebrated commencement for the Class of 2023. To help you with your college search, we’re sharing insights from some members of the class about what they gained by attending Meredith.

Building Professional Skills

“As a double major in graphic design and studio art, I wanted my work to look professional. In college, I learned to be confident in my abilities as a designer. My experiences at Meredith through internships and study abroad helped me to enhance my skills as a designer as well as make lasting connections.”
Dora Fromer, ’23

“In college, I have learned that I really enjoy giving oral presentations. Meredith professors do a great job of having students present for class activities and projects and fostering an encouraging and inclusive environment for students to be comfortable presenting. I have now given many research presentations and am confident in my ability to do so. Also, being comfortable in front of a room full of people is one of the many reasons I hope to be a professor someday.”
Rayna Maleki, ’23

Making Connections

“My relationships with faculty, staff, and other students helped me to push through even when times seemed to be difficult. They always kept me motivated and willing to succeed in life. And becoming a member of the Beta Beta Beta Honors Society helped me continue the drive I had to succeed.”
Avary Briggs, ’23

“In my first calculus class, my professor recommended I consider being a math major because I was doing so well. Having a small class really makes you feel seen. You don’t get lost in the masses, and that was really important for me.”
Mwende Mumo, ’23

Experiential Learning

“I went on a trip to Italy where I primarily visited Rome, Sansepolcro, and Florence. I have always dreamt of visiting Europe and Meredith helped me make this dream a reality. I made new friends and we collectively appreciated and enjoyed Italian life and culture. This trip was very special for me, especially because of the amazing friends and faculty who accompanied me. I am glad that Meredith brought us all together to have an unforgettable experience.”
Mei Li Moo King, ’23

“My experiences in leadership roles and my degree from Meredith have opened so many doors and possibilities for my future. After graduation, I plan to teach Spanish, something I never saw myself doing before coming to Meredith. I have also been looking into becoming an admissions counselor and would love to one day work in higher education so I can help others the way my faculty and staff helped me.”
Rosemary Vega Escutia, ’23

“The faculty and staff are super welcoming and really passionate about students getting hands-on experience. I’ve made a lot of connections with them and one of my professors actually helped me get my internship that I completed in the fall, which turned into a full-time job. I feel like those great connections really push you to find your career.”
Sophie Cook, ’23 

“I definitely think Meredith creates a really good environment to be involved in a lot of things. You get to pick and choose which ones are your passions. You can pick a select few and just really tailor and focus your time to those. I think the fact that there’s so many of them really creates a space for everyone to feel included.”
Grace Olufemi-Ajayi, ʼ23

Building Strengths in a Supportive Environment

“I have learned that I’m a strong woman and I have learned what my strengths are and how to apply them, not just in my day-to-day life, but also specifically in my career. Anytime I raise my hand, I’m being listened to and my thoughts are being valued. I always feel like I’ve been uplifted. It has given me so much confidence to go into the world outside of Meredith College and I can use my voice to speak my mind and be who I am.”
Sonia Chrostowski, ’23 

“I chose a women’s college in order to truly empower myself throughout my college experience alongside my classmates, coworkers, and friends. I have become more independent and furthered my academic knowledge, and realized my value as a woman in today’s society.”
Itzel Zuniga, ’23

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