Why you should consider attending a women’s college

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Women’s colleges are known for preparing graduates to be effective leaders, communicators, and critical thinkers; for connecting students with faculty mentors; and for fostering a strong sense of community that lasts well beyond graduation. This week’s blog post features people who know firsthand what it’s like to attend a women’s college: Meredith alumnae and students! Read on to hear their thoughts on what they liked best about going to a women’s college.

“We had provocative conversations that you wouldn’t really have in a coed environment. In a classroom environment, in an intellectual environment, we were more focused on the topics at hand, there was less ego, less need to be dominant or heard – it was more collaborative.” – Jennifer Lynn Campbell, ’18

“I loved the independence and strength that it gives to women! Women’s colleges allow women to create a place for themselves both in the classroom and in their future life/career. We really supported and built one another up; that was an amazing thing to both have and give. I chose an all-women’s school to strengthen myself and other women.” – Rachael Nicholos, ’18

“Among my siblings, I am the youngest and the only female. I have two older brothers, but I always wanted a sister growing up. I knew that by attending an all-women’s college I would find friends who I could see as family and create lifelong relationships. Also, during my time at Meredith I found myself being more confident in my abilities and able to stand up for myself and others.” – Elizabeth Leon Evans, ’18

“In high school, I was more reluctant to speak out and share my ideas during class because there were always more dominant voices in the classroom. At Meredith, I was able to become a dominant voice in the classroom. I built a strong self-confidence in my abilities as well as stronger communication skills. If I had attended a college that was co-ed, I feel as though I would have participated less and I would not have pursued such a competitive technical field.” – Kristin Long, ’17

“What I enjoyed most about attending a women’s college was how supportive and encouraging everyone was of each other. The sense of community was overwhelming and we were always looking for ways to make each other stronger.”- Nicole Ortega, ’17

“I have enjoyed the connected family environment that Meredith College offers. I am constantly encouraged to do my best and am supported in my educational decisions. I love that my professors know who I am by name. I feel attending an all-women’s college has fostered my confidence and helped me develop into a stronger version of myself.” – Emily Skoglund, ’20

“Collaboration within the classroom is much more effective because the softer personalities are not afraid to speak up, or if they are, then quite often the bigger personalities will ask them what they think instead of leaving them in the dust. I believe that this is because of the nurturing nature women have. Meredith has created an environment where all of the women are heard equally, and that makes it much easier to learn.” – Eran Artigues, ’18

“I think that Meredith being a women’s college is one of the biggest contributors to the sense of community that is so clear at the College. The opportunity for women to learn, grow, and live in an environment without male students, who often become competitors in a classroom, is invaluable. I fully believe that Meredith graduates are better prepared than women who graduate from co-ed colleges to enter graduate school or the workforce confidently.” – Emily Chilton, ’18

“Meredith College’s focus on excellence and empowerment, creating strong women leaders who enrich the community, and the life-long friendships that I formed with other students are hallmarks of women’s colleges. I would recommend attending a women’s college to any young woman who wants to develop her skills as a leader and make a lasting impact on the world.” – Laura Culpepper, ’17

“When I left Meredith after touring the campus for the first time, I knew that the students were cared for and invested in by faculty and staff. I loved that students were comfortable in class and engaged in stimulating conversations and asked intriguing questions.” – Tori Edwards, ’18

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