Student Advice: How to Choose the Right College for You

Student talking with Psychology Professor.

It’s no wonder that choosing a college can feel daunting. It’s one of the first decisions you’ll make that has a lasting impact on your future. It’s also a significant financial decision and one that will determine where you’ll live for the next four years.

In this short video, recent Meredith College graduates and current students share what was most important during their college search. Watch it for some fresh perspectives on how to make the choice that’s right for you.

“I knew that I wanted community and strong academics.”

During her college search, psychology major Sophie Lee, ’22, looked for schools with the same core values as hers. For Sophie, the community and academics were a top priority. She was looking for both a challenge and somewhere she could thrive in her chosen major.

Sophie wanted to use college as an opportunity to challenge and reinvent herself. After spending most of high school in her “shell,” she saw college as a fresh start and decided she wanted to be heavily involved in the community. To do so, she joined several of Meredith’s clubs and even took up leadership roles, which Sophie said helped her thrive.

With over 90 majors and over 100 clubs and organizations, there are plenty of options, both academically and socially, that you can explore. 

“Take the tour.”

Transfer student Aspen Degler, ’22, recommends new students tour the campus to get a feel for the Meredith community. She said the moment she passed the gates onto campus, she felt safe and at home. During Aspen’s tour, she had the opportunity to talk with faculty and sit in on a class, which solidified her decision to pursue her education at Meredith.

Visiting campus is the best way to experience the personal nature of a Meredith education. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your admissions counselor, talk with a faculty member in your field of interest, meet current students, and experience how Meredith can help you become even stronger. 

Meredith has several different types of tours potential students can take, including individual visits, virtual one-on-one conversations with your admissions counselor, and on-campus open houses.

Schedule a visit.

“Choose a college that suits you.”

Elena Blackwelder, ’23, recommends potential students consider what they are looking for in their college experience. 

Elena said it’s important to choose a college that you think suits you and that you feel you will be supported in. She said that you shouldn’t settle for a higher education institution just because of a certain major or other specific factors but to take a holistic look at the community, academics, clubs, sports teams, faculty, and staff.

College is the time to explore topics and activities you’re interested in and expand upon those interests. It’s essential to find a place to encourage and aid you through your journey so that when you graduate, you will go out into the world with the confidence to pursue your passions.

“Trust yourself in your decision.”

Laura Austin, ’21, said it’s important to go with your gut and trust yourself in your final decision. At the end of the day, you know what you are looking for and what you want to do, and you will find somewhere you belong. She said to not focus on where you think you’re supposed to be but to focus on where you feel you’ll have the ability to grow. 

Reach your full potential, and learn what it means to go strong by scheduling a visit, or applying to Meredith, today.

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