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Growing Confident in Your Strengths – Vera Otieno »

During her time at Meredith, Vera Otieno, ’25, grew more confident in her strengths and is assured she can use them to overcome challenges.

Becoming a Leader – Tiani Hinnant »

Fashion design major, Tiani Hinnant, ’24, has taken advantage of various opportunities during her time at Meredith College to help her become a strong leader.

Maximizing Your Strengths – Blue Wise »

Through our StrongPoints program, Blue Wise, ’27, has learned to maximize her strengths in various aspects of life. Wise has used this knowledge to overcome professional, academic, and personal challenges.

Adopting a Growth Mindset – Alyshena Case »

As a biology and psychology major, Alyshena Case, ’24, adopted a growth mindset which improved her confidence and prepared her for the future. Through her research experiences at Meredith, she has learned to believe in herself when faced with a challenge.

Building the Skills to Overcome Obstacles – Jillian Jackson »

Jillian Jackson, ’25, chose Meredith because of the empowerment she felt visiting campus as a high schooler. As a student, the resources, students, and faculty at Meredith have provided her with a strong college experience that is preparing her for the future.

A Nonlinear Journey Opens Doors – Lauren Phillips »

Lauren Phillips, ’21, earned an undergraduate degree in exercise and sports science but pivoted to a career in marketing after pursuing the Digital Communication Certificate.

Gaining Powerful Skills and Knowledge – Celia Bettinsoli »

In search of a flexible, challenging opportunity to grow her skill set, Celia Bettinsoli, ’21, began the Meredith MBA with a specific goal in mind: to become a stronger leader. With a background in clinical laboratory science, she brought a unique perspective to the classroom.

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Discovering A New Career Path – Jackson Mathis »

Jackson Mathis, ’21, originally came to Meredith wanting to go down the project management route, but after completing an internship with a global software company, discovered a new career direction. With the help of professors and mentors within the MBA program, he transitioned to a position as a senior analyst.

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mba graduate programs

Remay Pemba

Pursuing a Passion for Finance – Remay Pemba »

With support from her advisors, business administration major Remay Pemba, ’24, pursued a passion for finance, studied abroad, completed multiple internships, and prepared for her chosen career.

Rosemary Vega Escutia

Building Effective Teaching Skills – Rosemary Vega Escutia »

Rosemary Vega Escutia, ’23, is taking the lessons she learned at Meredith College into her own classroom.



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