At Meredith College, students are the backbone of the Meredith Fund’s “Phonathon” program. After an intensive training process, these students help raise funds for the school, build relationships with alumnae, and gain valuable hands-on skills and experience. Additionally, Phonathon callers play a large role in Meredith’s annual Giving Day by calling those who gave during the 24-hour period to thank them for helping us reach our goal.

Phonathon callers are expected to be self-sufficient as well as leaders in their roles. Callers can apply to be Supervisors, acting as the first resource for new callers by training them. Supervisors also monitor each Phonathon shift, supporting callers by answering questions and keeping everyone on track. The Phonathon currently employs 11 student callers.

  • Rachel Kennedy, ʼ20, Supervisor
  • Neali Helms, ʼ21, Supervisor-in-Training
  • Jordan Liggins, ʼ22, Supervisor in Training
  • Hannah Brittain-Du Bois, ʼ22
  • Carolina Gao, ʼ23
  • Annika Hanley, ʼ20
  • Jasmine Lewis, ʼ21
  • Jillian Meeks, ʼ22
  • Anne Robinson, ʼ20
  • Natalie Samsel, ʼ21
  • Lexi Walmer, ʼ20


Social Media post from Alum who was thanked for her gift

Students interested in working with Phonathon should contact Meg Sink, ʼ18, assistant director of the Meredith Fund, at Please send your resume along with your email.

Contact Information 
Jennifer Kaisersatt
Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP of Institutional Advancement
(919) 760-8374

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