Students who declare a major in social work must be formally admitted to the social work program. Students are eligible to apply for admission to the program when they have completed a minimum of six hours but no more than 12 hours in social work courses. In order to enroll in the social work program, you must complete the two-level admission process.

Level 1

  • Completion of SWK 100 Introduction to Social Work and either SWK 220 Human Behavior for Social Work Practice – Birth through Adolescence or SWK 225 Human Behavior for Social Work Practice – Adulthood through Death with a grade of C of better
  • Declaration of the Social Work major


Level 2

  • Student Information Form
  • Personal Narrative
  • Evaluation of volunteer performance while enrolled in SWK 100
  • Two letters of recommendations, one from a social work faculty member and one from a non-social work faculty member who has taught you in a class


Download the social work program admission packet » (PDF)