The Office of Research Planning and Assessment (RPA) offers the following services to the Meredith College campus community.


  • Workshops to write/revise program and student learning outcomes
  • The development of assessment plans, including,
    • Assessment matrices
    • Performance criteria and metrics
  • Development of direct and indirect methods to gather evidence, including,
    • Assessment instruments (e.g. performance tasks and rubrics, checklists, surveys)
    • Online rubrics for easy data entry,
    • Focus interviews
  • Data analysis
  • Assistance in streamlining assessment processes
  • Assistance with Comprehensive Program Assessment processes
  • Review of Continuous Improvement Reports
  • Assistance with program accreditation processes
  • Design and assessment of SOTL projects


Survey Research

  • Assistance identifying data needs
  • Survey development and implementation
  • Analysis of data collected
  • Reporting on assessment/accreditation surveys


Institutional Research

  • Provide the official Meredith enrollment, graduation and completion rates
  • Provide the Dashboard to the Board of Trustees
  • Provide departmental specific data for program review/annual reports
  • Assistance with interpretation of data and trend analysis
  • Conducting special projects on request

Contact Information
C. Dianne Raubenheimer,
Director of Office of Research, Planning and Assessment
Johnson Hall third floor, 308
(919) 760-8913
Fax: (919) 760-8606