The Meredith Poll uses multiple modes (often referred to as mixed-mode surveying) to generate its results. We call registered voters in North Carolina by purchasing landline and cell phone numbers from Survey Sampling International (SSI), one of the nation’s leading data solutions providers. We also conduct web-based surveys through GfK’s Knowledge Panel, which carefully builds an online panel of respondents that closely approximates population demographics.

We use mixed-mode sampling in order to ensure a representative view of North Carolinians’ opinions on issues. Organizations that use only one mode of surveying are finding it increasingly difficult to reach all of parts of the population, so using both telephone and online polling allows us to be more accurate in our estimates.

The Meredith Poll uses CATI system software (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) for the administration of telephone surveys. We attempt to reach each working telephone number in the sample up to five times. We only interview residents of North Carolina who are over 18. The Meredith Poll is primarily conducted in English, though we often have callers who are fluent in Spanish in case we reach a Spanish-speaking respondent. Live interviewers call from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday. We try to field the online survey at the exact same time as the phone calling is being done, and we use Qualtrics for the administration of email surveys.

For more information on the poll’s methodologies, contact David McLennan at

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