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David B. McLennan, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science and Director of the Meredith Poll

David McLennan has long been a student and practitioner of political polling. A former political campaign consultant who used polls to help his candidates develop campaign strategy and test messages, he is also a scholar about polling methods and techniques. In addition to starting and developing the Meredith Poll, McLennan has recently presented research at the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) on the reliability of mixed mode sampling (combining phone and online survey results).

He also teaches Campaigns and Elections in which he helps students understand how public opinion works in campaigns—both for the candidates and their campaigns, as well as for voters. McLennan also teaches American Public Opinion, a course that helps students understand the various ways to collect public opinion and how students can develop their expertise in developing survey instruments to answer important questions.

Contact David B. McLennan with questions about Meredith Poll content and analysis of results
David McLennan,, (919) 760-2287 (office), or (919) 345-7334 (mobile)
Twitter: @davidbmclennan

Whitney Ross Manzo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Assistant Director of the Meredith Poll

Whitney Ross Manzo has been studying public opinion and fielding surveys for nine years. She assisted David McLennan in the founding of the Meredith Poll, where her primary role is the poll’s statistician. She also studies innovations in polling, and recently attended a class at the annual meeting of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) to learn more about nonprobability sampling. At this same conference, she presented research (co-authored with McLennan) regarding mixed-mode sampling and its reliability.

Manzo is also the primary instructor of POL 334 Research Design and Methods, which has a unit dedicated to survey methodology. In this class, students contribute questions to the Meredith Poll, serve as callers on the Poll, and learn statistics using poll data. They also learn the importance of sample design, weighting, and other technical aspects of properly performing a poll.

Contact Whitney Ross Manzo with questions about methodology of The Meredith Poll. Whitney Ross Manzo, or (919) 760-8540

For general inquires about Meredith College or The Meredith Poll contact News Director Melyssa Allen, or (919) 760-8455.

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David McLennan, Meredith Poll Director
(919) 760-2287

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Melyssa Allen, News Director
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