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The Ellen Brewer House (EBH) is an infant/toddler education program serving children whose ages range from 6 weeks to 2 years, and offers child development students the opportunity to participate in hands-on observation and work during the academic year. The program has been cited statewide as an exemplary program, and has been recognized by Partnerships for Inclusion. There are work-study opportunities for students during the academic year.

EBH is a high-quality learning environment for the children. Students from child development courses work with full-time staff to observe, track and compare the developmental milestones of the enrolled infants and toddlers. Meredith students majoring in child development may work in the EBH once they have completed a required number of child development courses and have been observed and evaluated by the EBH director and assistant director.

If you have any questions or would like to visit the Ellen Brewer Infant/Toddler House, please contact Emily Stokes at

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Ellen Brewer House Staff

Contact Information
Director, Ellen Brewer House
Emily Stokes
(919) 760-8628

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