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Animals on Campus

Service Animals 

Service Animals are highly trained to perform specific tasks that create equal access to the College for individuals with disabilities. Service Animals are allowed everywhere the student goes. While not required, students with Service Animals are invited to connect with Disability Services so appropriate accommodations and a smooth transition for the student and Service Animal may be facilitated. Refer to the Meredith College Service Animal Policy for more information. 

Emotional Support Animals 

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) provide passive support to individuals with disabilities and are not required to have formal training. ESAs are only allowed in students’ assigned residence rooms and are prohibited from all other College facilities. ESAs are not allowed on campus unless they have been authorized through the ESA request process. Students who have unapproved animals in residential buildings are subject to a $100.00 per day fine and will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for consideration of disciplinary action. Students requesting an ESA accommodation must contact Meredith College Disability Services, submit documentation of the disability, and follow the established procedures for ESA requests. Learn more by referring to the Meredith College ESA Policy.


Residence hall residents are not permitted to house, host, or otherwise have a pet (besides fish) in their room, including pet-sitting for family members or pay. Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for more information.