Facilities Services

The Service Response Center is located in the Facilities Services building and is responsible for receiving all requests for emergency, normal or special services.

What We Do

  • Operate the central plant
  • Maintain and repair buildings and facilities
  • Provide upkeep of the utility/ roads infrastructure
  • Care for and maintain grounds
  • Maintain an inviting and sanitary environment
  • Help to plan and implement future upgrades
  • Develop statements of work for proposals or bid requests
  • Manage contractors doing construction, maintenance, and cleaning on campus
  • Provide event support for College events and outside rentals
  • Assess and recommend campus improvements and projects
  • Plan, implement and manage campus projects

How We Work

The department provides quality, timely and cost-effective service to the Meredith Community based on the following principles:

  • All community members will be treated fairly, with respect, and courtesy
  • The Service Response Center will serve as an advocate for the community
  • The Department’s activities will seek to reallocate resources from daily service to planned maintenance and to conserve energy
  • Projects will be designed and executed to the highest standards possible

Contact Information
Facilities Building
(919) 760-8560 

(919) 760-2886
(919) 760-2881 

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