Are you interested in:

  • Creative problem-solving?
  • Working with your hands?
  • Customizing things, like your shoes (or surfboard or skateboard)?
  • Playing in sand or snow?
  • Creative expression?
  • Hands-on learning?
  • Do you focus on how things are made and not so much on what they are?
  • Do you like investigating materials?
  • Do you collect interesting things?
  • Do you invent things?
  • Do you re-purposing materials, alter things?
  • Do you like cultures and/or traditional things (quilts)?
  • Do you always carry your camera?
  • Do you organize compositions of photos on Instagram?

This major is designed for the student who intends to pursue the creation of visual art as a profession. The program prepares one for graduate school as well as many entry-level art positions. Practical and creative experience is gained through numerous opportunities to interact with professional artists in a variety of settings.

Types of jobs:

  • Professional/studio artist
  • Museum/gallery photographer
  • Art therapist or recreational therapist
  • Art director
  • Gallery director
  • Museum educator or curator of exhibition designer
  • Art critic/writer
  • Teacher
  • Stylist
  • Furniture designer
  • Fabric and textile designer
  • Art consultant
  • CEO or entrepreneur

Attend graduate school for:

  • Art therapist
  • Master of Fine Arts

Options for the major:

  • Double major or minor in any additional related area of interest
  • Wide variety of media taught and grants for exploration at summer workshops
  • Enhancements in major
    • Senior Exhibition in professional gallery setting
    • Artists’ Alliance
    • Research possibilities
  • Co-Curricular Enhancements/Internships
    • Artspace
    • Contemporary Museum of Art
    • North Carolina Museum of Art
    • Visual Art Exchange
    • Artistic Highways
    • Claymakers
    • Pullen Art Center
    • Penland Residency
    • Gallery C
    • Frankie G. Weems Gallery

Professional associations:

Career outlook:

Craft and fine artist
Art director
Recreational therapist

Additional information:

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