Are you interested in:

  • Humanitarian issues
  • Social justice issues
  • Cultural awareness
  • Ethical reflection
  • Meanings of life

The study of religion and ethics prepares students to live in an increasingly global society, where multiple religious and ethical commitments both inform and challenge our understandings of how people inhabit, experience, and shape our world. Our unique major emphasizes cultural awareness and ethical reflection, and investigates how the deeper questions and meanings of life have been conceptualized in various times and places.  Students who major in religious and ethical studies are typically interested in humanitarian or social justice issues and will be well-prepared to pursue careers in civic leadership, social services, ministry, education, human resources, international relations, and law.

Types of jobs:

  • Social and community service management
  • Clergy
  • Human resources personnel
  • Ethics and compliance officer
  • Teaching

Attend graduate school for:

  • Theology or pastoral counseling
  • Graduate work in religious studies, social work, or public health
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Law

Options for the major:

  • B.A. in religious and ethical studies
  • Double major or minor in any additional related area of interest such as business adminiistration, international studies, social work, sociology, or public health
  • Include specific electives as needed for licensure requirements if you are interested in elementary, middle, or high school teaching
  • Experiential opportunities
    • Resident assistant
    • LeaderShape
    • Meredith Reads
    • Model United Nations Conference
    • Service learning courses
    • Internships
    • Study abroad

Professional associations:

Career outlook:

Social and community service managers
Ethics and compliance officers
Human resources personnel

Additional information:

Meredith’s religious and ethical studies major »

According to a national poll in 2007, two of the top ten skills that employers look for in new college graduates are:

  1. Understanding global contexts
  2. A strong sense of ethics

The religious and ethical studies major helps you develop these skills and more.

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