Form 1098-T

The 1098-T form is an annual statement that reports the amount of qualified education expenses paid during the calendar year. The purpose of the form is to assist in determining eligibility for certain education-related tax credits. 

  • You do not need your 1098-T unless you are filing for the American Opportunity Tax Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit. Learn more about Education Credits.
  • Form 1098-T will be mailed on January 31 from the Accounting Office to the address on file. If you have not received your tax for form by February 15, contact the Office of Accounting for a duplicate form.
  • Current students may consent to electronic delivery through Self Service. A notice will be posted to the Student Portal when the electronic forms are available. Proxies do not have access to tax forms.
  • Students must have a valid social security number and address on file in the Registrar’s Office by December 15 of the prior year, in order for a 1098-T to be issued.
  • There are potentially many reasons why the amounts shown on Form 1098-T do not equal the amount paid.  First, the amount in Box 1 only represents amounts paid for qualified tuition and related expenses and does not include payments for room and board, insurance, parking, or the like.  Secondly, Form 1098-T reports amounts paid in a certain year which may not necessarily correspond to the dates that the classes were attended.  For example, tuition for Spring semester is typically billed and paid in the prior year even though classes do not start until January.  The most accurate source of information about amounts paid for qualified tuition and related expenses will be your Statement, which can be found on your Self Service Portal.
  • Meredith College is unable to provide you with individual tax advice. Should you have questions, please seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or advisor.

Form 1099-NEC

Form 1099-NEC is a reporting of miscellaneous income or contract services paid to individuals and organizations receiving non-employee compensation. This form is available each year after January 31 from the Accounting Office. In order to verify the TIN (taxpayer identification number), a completed W-9 must be filed with the Accounting Office for all individuals and organizations receiving non-employee compensation or payments for goods and services. Additionally, we may request a new W-9 each year, or as needed or required by federal regulations. For more information about W-9 requirements, please visit the IRS website at

Form W-2

Form W-2 is a statement of wages and earnings, issued by the Office of Human Resources for employees, including student workers. For questions regarding this form, please contact the Office of Human Resource

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