Once you’ve been approved to study abroad, there will be so much more to think about. This section of the website is designed to help you prepare successfully for your study abroad experience.

The Office of International Programs requires participation in pre-departure orientations for all study abroad participants.  Orientation details are announced in program acceptance letters.

Passports & Visas

Apply or Renew your Passport

Please note! Current passport processing timelines can take up to 4 months. 

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your program return date.

A visa is a special stamp that the consulate will issue in your passport, allowing you to enter the country for your study abroad program. Not every study abroad student needs to apply for a student visa. In fact, most summer study abroad programs (lasting fewer than 90 days) do not require a visa. If you are studying abroad on a Meredith Abroad faculty-led program, the Office of International Programs will notify you if obtaining a visa is necessary. Students applying for affiliate programs will work with their study abroad providers to obtain student visas, should they be required.

Pre-departure Handbook

Studying abroad will likely be one of the most exciting adventures of your life!

Prior to departure, you will begin to wonder what you should pack, what health precautions you should take, and what it will be like living and studying in your host country. This handbook and the general study abroad orientations will help answer most of those questions. Read the handbook before orientation and share the link below with your parents, family, and support network if they are helping you prepare.

Office of International Programs Study Abroad Pre-departure Handbook (PDF)


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