As the roadmap for the College, Meredith Forever, our rolling three-year strategic plan, has inspired renewed energy, collaboration, and vision for Meredith College.

Below are just some of the accomplishments within each of the six pillars that have occurred since the first version of the Strategic Plan was approved in 2012.

1. Educational Excellence

Ensure educational excellence through curricular and co-curricular pathways for student success


2. Optimal Enrollment

Meredith will continue to strengthen the long-term enrollment and financial stability of the College.

  • Additional freshmen, transfer and graduate students enrolled
  • Greater financial support for students, leading to higher retention
  • Expanded Wings education for adult students
  • $35,940,269 raised for scholarships during Beyond Strong Campaign.
  • $5,575,000 new STEM Scholarships
  • The new $20,000 Academic Merit Scholarship is a merit scholarship guarantee designed to help more qualified undergraduate women afford a high quality college education.
  • Awarded for the first time in 2007, the Meredith Legacy Scholarship – the College’s first and only full, four-year merit scholarship.
  • 92 new scholarship endowments and funds
  • $1,385,251 raised for Athletics during Beyond Strong Campaign.
  • New athletic offerings
    • Lacrosse
    • Track & Field
    • Golf
    • Field Hockey
  • The Meredith Alumnae Association and the Office of Career Planning launch an online mentoring program called Meredith Mentors for students, alumnae, faculty, and staff.


3. I.T./Infrastructure 

Meredith meets the needs of curricular, co-curricular, and support services with appropriate facilities and technology.


4. Financial Strength

Continue to strengthen the College’s long-term financial stability

  • Strategic investment of resources
  • Development of new revenues
  • Sensible cost reductions
  • $90,466,720 raised in the Beyond Strong Campaign. Surpassed the goal by over $15 million.
  • Endowment grew to $116 at highest point, with an increase of $49 million
  • $39,773,277 raised in planned giving
  • $8,625,779 raised from Foundations
  • 327 major gifts ($25,000 or more)
  • 32 gifts of $1 million or more
  • Alumnae giving increased to 37.9%
  • Faculty and Staff giving increased to 73.2% during Campaign. It was 26.7% before Campaign.
  • Annual Giving raised $13,746,329 and The Meredith Fund holds its first Giving Day in 2015 during Founder’s Week.
  • Parent giving raised  $3 million+
  • 1891 Student Philanthropy Club has over 1,200 members since the club began in the spring of 2014.


5. Enhanced Visibility

Enhance the visibility and profile of Meredith College

  • Greater visibility to support enrollment and fundraising goals
  • Heightened reputation throughout the region, nation, and world; in 6 years, Meredith’s reputation as a strong academic institution in North Carolina increased 22 percentage points
  • Research and development of the Going Strong brand. In response to the new brand
    • Inquiries grew by 30%
    • Campus visits grew by 25%
    • 7% increase in the number of undergraduate applicants listing Meredith as their first choice
    • Social media communities increased by 63%
    • 67% increase in new visitors to
  • New campus signage throughout campus
  • Expanded availability of Meredith-branded merchandise and steady growth in annual licensing revenues
  • Increased coverage of Meredith College experts by local, state and national media
  • Implemented new mechanisms and mediums for promoting Meredith to target audiences, including videovirtual toursadmissions blogSpanish-language microsite and new advertising strategies


6. Quality of Life

Enrich quality of life for Meredith faculty, staff, and students

  • Stronger collaboration and communication among faculty, staff and students
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Increased opportunities for professional development
  • Additional health, wellness, and sustainability initiatives
  • New wellness program for faculty and staff
  • New student clubs and organizations
  • New athletic teams in track and fieldlacrossegolf, and field hockey
  • $1,137,657 raised for faculty and staff development during the Beyond Strong Campaign
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