Service Scholars will complete the following community-based learning requirements during their four years at Meredith:

  • Complete 20 hours of community service per semester with one off campus, approved community partner. Over the course of a students’ eight semesters, they will be required to volunteer within three different community issue areas to prompt a diverse exposure through their experience.
  • Assist with the facilitation of one on-campus, service-learning program per semester.  Service-learning programs include but are not limited to Meredith sponsored day of service events, community awareness programs and speaker events, and donation collections.  
  • Participate in critical reflection workshops with fellow Service Scholars and Service Scholars Program staff to reflect on the impact of their civic engagement efforts.
  • Enroll in the FYE service-focused section taught by a member of the Service Scholars Program staff.  Note, if a student is involved in another Meredith Program which also requires enrollment in an FYE Section then the student is exempt from this program requirement.

Contact Information
Office of Student Leadership & Service
Catie Trimble McAnulty
Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Service
(919) 760-8338