Meredith College works with Learfield Licensing Partners to manage a trademark and licensing program that guides the use of the College’s name and logos, or “marks.”

Meredith’s marks are any and all names, trademarks, logos, insignias, seals, designs, symbols or any combination of these that has come to be associated with Meredith College. Examples include the words “Meredith College,” the Meredith wordmark, the Lux seal and the Avenging Angels logo.

The goals of the trademark and licensing program are to help:

  • protect the name, reputation and image of the College
  • protect the College’s trademarks and ensure their use in a manner consistent with the College’s mission and brand images
  • increase the promotion of the College’s identity in the marketplace
  • generate revenue from the sale of items bearing the College’s trademarks
  • assure that only quality products bear the College’s trademarks

Through the program, Meredith receives a royalty, which is paid by the vendor producing the merchandise, on any item that is produced for sale and bears one of the College’s trademarks. Examples include merchandise sold by area vendors, student organizations, College departments or programs and in the Campus Store.

If the item carries one of the college trademarks a trademark request form must be submitted.

Items ordered for giveaway purposes or internal use, such as athletic team uniforms, apparel provided for departmental staff and office or program stationery, are not subject to royalties.

Vendors must be licensed by CLC in order to produce merchandise bearing a Meredith College mark. Earnings from royalties support the College’s general operating budget. The marketing department maintains a list of licensed vendors.

Student organizations interested in ordering items should contact the Office of Student Leadership and Service.

For more information, contact the Department of Marketing at (919) 760-8455 or via email at

Contact Information
Third Floor, Johnson Hall
3800 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 760-8455
Fax: (919) 760-8330

Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m

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