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Meredith College offers a wide variety of campus-wide, student-led organizations to get involved in. At the start of the fall semester, Meredith hosts an activities fair where students can learn more about the different organizations, events coming up, and how to get involved. You can also review this list of student organizations and MC Connect as you consider where you would like to plug in throughout your time at Meredith. Student Leadership and Service (SLS) is the office on campus that you can reach out to for information about or assistance with campus-wide events, organizations and traditions.

The international students club at the Cary Ice house.
Students beneath a brick wall with a glowing sign that says Love Rules.

Additionally, there are two campus involvement opportunities that the Office of International Programs specifically helps to support: the Meredith International Association and the International Ambassadors.

Meredith International Association (MIA)

The Meredith International Association (MIA) is a student-led group that works to share knowledge and promote understanding of different cultures in the Meredith community. MIA looks to explore cultural, social, and political issues through interaction with other students, faculty, administration, and community groups.  MIA hosts events like Coffee Houses, UN Dinner, and a Global Fashion Show to promote mutual respect and representation of the diverse community present at Meredith College. MIA also works to facilitate friendships and connections among and beyond international students across the Meredith community. Follow MIA on Instagram @mia_mereco to get the latest information.

International Ambassadors

International Ambassadors are a select group of students who volunteer to serve a leadership role within the international student community at Meredith College. International Ambassadors provide welcome and arrival assistance to incoming international students, are involved with the planning and facilitation of International Orientation, and provide ongoing support through peer mentorship and presence at international student events throughout the year. Please contact for more information.