Maximizing Athletes’ Performance – Michael Raynor

According to Michael Raynor, ’17, M.S. in Nutrition, the most important quality he’s gained through his Meredith experience is confidence.

“By challenging me and providing guidance and support to help me grow, Meredith gave me the tools to know that I can be successful in the profession and overcome any challenges I face.”

Michael completed his Dietetic Internship in May 2018 and earned his Master of Science in Nutrition the year prior. As a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist, he now uses his hard-won confidence to work with athletes to hone their nutrition in order to maximize their performance.

His master’s thesis related directly to his career. He explored the effects of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet in trained female endurance athletes. He and his thesis partner were supported in their research with a grant from Meredith and received the Master of Science in Nutrition Research Award for their efforts.

Michael found his work on the thesis helped him grow academically and professionally. He and his partner encountered challenges along the way, including high rates of drop-out and challenges in determining methodology, but overcame them to complete the research.

“I think the biggest thing I took away is to be persistent. When you’re working toward a goal, it’s okay to reevaluate the methods you’re using along the way and to change things up, but don’t lose sight of the end goal and don’t stop moving toward it.”

For Michael, the people he met at Meredith were key.

“The faculty and staff at Meredith are the College’s greatest strength and the cornerstone of the ‘Meredith experience.’”

Michael observed that from having conversations about concepts covered in class to providing extra support during his thesis work to helping him identify a new dietetic internship site at the last minute when one fell through, the faculty and staff went above and beyond what he expected.

“Every single member of the faculty and staff that I’ve encountered during my MS and during the DI have been approachable, friendly, encouraging, kind, knowledgeable, and helpful.”

Michael said he left Meredith feeling well-prepared to succeed.

“Completing my M.S. in nutrition at Meredith set me up with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the dietetic internship. In turn, the dietetic internship has fostered the application of my knowledge and the leadership skills necessary to be successful in whatever opportunities I pursue.”