A Nonlinear Journey Opens Doors – Lauren Phillips

“As the director of marketing and communications for the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, I am responsible for photographing events, managing social media channels, updating the website, and creating marketing materials for events and programs. One aspect that I love about my job is that each day brings something new and different. It’s an honor and privilege to contribute to the community that I was born and raised in.

My passion for communication led me to begin college as a communications major but participating in college athletics led me to a new desire to study exercise and sports science. During my undergraduate experience, I had the opportunity to intern with local businesses, which sparked an interest in the business side. 

Given an extra year of eligibility because of the pandemic, I embraced the chance to play college volleyball while navigating my career path. With a minor in communications and guidance from Professor Alan Buck, the Digital Communication Certificate became a pathway to broaden my skill set and pursue a lifelong passion. It provided the clarity that I needed to begin my career in marketing.

The Digital Communication Certificate helped me foster artistic, creative, and technological growth. I was pushed to think outside the box, which has enhanced my marketing skills for my career. 

Staying an extra semester to complete the digital communication certificate wasn’t easy, but Meredith taught me to follow my heart and dreams. Now I have the privilege to inspire others through meaningful connections.

I am thankful for my nonlinear academic journey because it opened doors for me to make connections with professors and classmates in both departments. When I left Meredith, I had a strong sense of community and I know that I will forever be supported. The relationships that I built with students, faculty, and staff will remain with me for the rest of my life. I credit Meredith College for fostering relationships that I will forever cherish.

Through my studies at Meredith, I was challenged to speak and present in front of my peers and mentors. Those public speaking skills have prepared me for my current position, as it is part of my role to connect with others even when it may be uncomfortable. Attending meetings and events with new people can be scary at first but my time at Meredith gave me the confidence to perform my job duties. 

My favorite strength is WOO. I love meeting new people. This strength pushes me out of my comfort zone and it’s been instrumental in establishing my career in Greenville. While growing up here provided connections, my WOO strength makes a lasting impact on those around me. 

As my career progresses, my prayer is to continue impacting lives through meaningful work. I find joy in networking and learning more about others professionally and personally.”