Your college search should be a time of self-reflection, planning, and excitement for the future. 

Additional Information and Q&A

  • Student-Athletes: Like all students, you can choose to apply for admission with a score or test optional. Division III athletes are not required to submit a test score for eligibility.
  • International Students whose curricular instruction is not English must meet English language proficiency requirements by submitting the TOEFL or IELTS exam. If your curricular instruction is English, you may apply test optional.

Keep the decision process simple. If you’ve not been able to take a test and cannot schedule a test, apply test optional. If you’ve taken the SAT/ACT and feel your score supports your application, submit a score(s). If you’ve taken the SAT/ACT and believe it does not represent your academic ability (meaning it is not commensurate with your GPA), apply test optional. You must choose your test submission plan when you apply for admission.

When you’re completing your application you’ll tell us if you’re submitting test scores or applying test optional. It’s a simple question on the Meredith Application and the Meredith screen on The Common Application and looks like this:

▢ I’m submitting a test score ▢ I’m applying test optional.

You must decide at the time you’re applying for admission.

You should select test optional on your application for admission and your scores will not be considered during application reading.

If you choose test optional, you will not be disadvantaged for admission. Applicants with strong GPAs will still be awarded Impact Scholarships, merit scholarships, or merit tuition grants at time of admission.

Colleges and universities use different methods for making admission decisions. Meredith has traditionally taken a holistic approach to reading applications and offering decisions. Test scores are representative of one facet of academic preparation, only. And for some students, they may be the least representative aspect.

Your grade point average, writing skills, a review of how you’ve taken advantage of academic opportunities that your school has provided, and your potential for investing in the Meredith community are all considered. Additionally, we have a significant interest in getting to know you before an admission decision is offered. A visit is the best way to accomplish this. Be sure to reach out to your admission counselor early in the application process.

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