World Language

Meredith’s general education curriculum requires language study through the intermediate level (205 level).

Students who plan to start a new language at Meredith:
Students who would like to study a new language do not need to take the language placement assessment. Meredith offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese.

Students who plan to continue studying the language they studied in high school:
Students who have studied Spanish or French in high school are encouraged to take an online assessment test to determine placement in the most appropriate level of study. Results may indicate that a student has already met the general education requirement in foreign language. Students who studied a language other than Spanish or French and would like to continue studies in that language should contact Dr. Jonathan Wade, department head of World Languages and Cultures.
Please note: if you received college level foreign language credit at a NC community college, you do NOT take the placement test. Please email if you have questions.
Additional information regarding online placement exams can be found here.



Students are required to take a course to build knowledge and skills in data analysis, abstract reasoning and problem solving; thus, all students must take either Statistics or Calculus for the General Education Mathematics requirement.

Students not planning to major in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, or Computer Science:

A student may fulfill the General Education Mathematics requirement by taking:

  • MAT 175 Statistics

Please note: there is no prerequisite for MAT 175. However, MAT 130 is strongly recommended prior to MAT 175 for any student with a D in their last high school mathematics class. MAT 130 fulfills the General Education Math/CS/Natural Science elective requirement, but it does not fulfill the Mathematics requirement. 

Students who plan to pursue specific STEM majors:
Certain majors require a student to take Calculus. These include Mathematics (BA and BS degrees), Chemistry (BA and BS degrees), Biology (BS degree), and Computer Science (BS degree).

A student may fulfill the General Education Mathematics requirement by taking:

  • MAT 181 Integrated Precalculus/Calculus B
  • MAT 191 Calculus I

Please note: a student may need to take prerequisites, like MAT 170 or MAT 180, for calculus courses. MAT 170 and MAT 180 each fulfill the General Education Math/CS/Natural Science elective requirement, but not the Mathematics requirement. A student who has not previously taken a Calculus course will discuss placement for Calculus with their enrollment counselor at StartStrong.

Students who have prior Calculus coursework:
If a student has previously taken a Calculus course, they are strongly encouraged to continue taking Calculus. They will receive a Calculus course recommendation based on the information they submitted on their StartStrong registration form.



Incoming students who need to take the online English assessment will be contacted by the English Department. Our English placement is individualized, using an online assessment that consists of a written essay to assess grammatical knowledge, writing ability and readiness for freshman composition (ENG-111 Principles of Writing). English course placement is based on an evaluation of the English assessment results and SAT/ACT scores, if the student has chosen to submit test scores.


Additional Placement Tests

Appointments for placement testing or portfolio reviews in other subjects should be made through the dean of that particular school.

Contact Information 
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(919) 760-8062

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