Chemistry majors have the opportunity to build collaborative research partnerships directly with Meredith faculty, participate in projects in the renowned Research Triangle Park, a hub of research and scientific achievement, and participate in Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs. Chemistry students may also receive financial awards to present the results of their research projects at local and national conferences.


Students work on a variety of research projects in chemistry, chemical education, physics, and geoscience. 


Research Presentations at Meredith College’s Celebrating Student Achievement Day


  • Analysis and Determination of Protein Function as Related to Structure
    Kendall Putnam
    Research Adviser: Dr. Andrea Carter
  • Identification of Protein Function
    Erin Murphy
    Research Adviser: Dr. Andrea Carter
  • Identification of extracted prodigiosin from Serratia marcescens and application of synthetic sulfanilamide as antibiotic
    Bartola Garcia
    Research Adviser: Dr. Jason Andrus and Dr. Walda Powell
  • Coastal Erosion on the North Carolina Coast
    Jessica Bland and Kaitlyn Muraco
    Research Adviser: Dr. Matthew Stutz



  • Facial Cleanser Formulations for Various Skin Types
    Nabiha Khan
    Research Adviser: Dr. Sasha Ormond
  • Kinematic Effects of Chronic Entanglement in Humpback Whales
    Annie Kim
    Research Adviser: Dr. Sasha Ormond
  • Testing the Effects of Oleanolic Acid and its Derivatives on Eukaryotic Cell Division
    Shivani Devaguptapu
    Research Adviser Dr. Walda Powell and Dr. Karthik Aghoram
  • Improved Purity of 3-Methyl-2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid
    Ga Hyeon Jeong
    Research Adviser: Dr. Walda Powell and Dr. Cassandra Lilly
  • Matrine Derivatives as Possible HIV-Protease Inhibitors
    Shefali Srivastava, Jocelyn Towe 
    Research Adviser: Dr. Karthik Aghoram and Dr. Walda Powell



  • Modeling of Blood and Arterial Properties within a Cerebral Aneurysm
    Emily Potok
    Research Adviser: Dr. Bill Schmidt
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Audit of Meredith College
    Alexis Hill, Catie Strickland, Kristen Viera, Lainey Ward
    Research Adviser: Dr. Mathew Stutz
  • Identification of Saracenia Purpurea Digestive Liquid and Aromatic Attractant
    Wendy Espinoza, Jessica Bunn
    Research Adviser: Dr. Sasha Ormond
  • Chemistry For All: An Outreach Goal
    Kinley Jessup
    Research Adviser: Dr. Sasha Ormond
  • Oxidizing Alcohols and Sulfides Using Substituted Iodoxybenzoic Acid (IBX)
    Ga Hyeon Jeong
    Research Adviser: Dr. Walda Powell
  • Oxymatrinic Acid as a Potential HIV Protease Inhibitor
    Barbara Levengood, Taylor Keyes
    Research Adviser: Dr. Walda Powell



Contact Information
Sasha Ormond
Head, Dept. of Chemistry, Physics, & Geoscience
203 Science/Mathematics Bldg.
(919) 760-2399
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