The Library and Learning Center underwent refurbishments during the 2022-23 academic year. The highlights were new furniture, improved lighting, freshly painted walls along with a bathroom converted to being fully ADA-compliant, and upgraded technology in the group study rooms. 

The Library partnered with Erin Allen, ‘02, and PMC Commercial Interiors to select new furniture for the main floor. Allen is a graduate of Meredith’s Interior Design program and has worked with Library staff on other projects. The Interior Design program advised on paint color selections and lighting temperatures. Phil Korest, energy manager, helped relamp most of the lights on the main and top floors, replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs which will significantly improve the library’s energy footprint. Facilities Services coordinated the conversion of a bathroom to be ADA-compliant.

The renovation was funded through the Janet L. Freeman Endowment, the Council Endowment, Friends of the Library gift funds, and the Library Quasi Endowment. Funds from the McMichael family covered the cost of repainting the Learning Center.

Contact Information 
Emily P. Parker
(919) 760-8718