Students interested in forming a campus religious organization or club must submit the appropriate documents to the SGA Senate for consideration for approval.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The purpose of FCA shall be to provide a campus ministry that is geared toward helping athletes, coaches, and those whom they influence to learn more about Jesus Christ and serving Him. Our vision is to see our campus and world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Lutheran Campus Ministries
The purpose of this organization is to conduct, support and interpret Lutheran Ministry for Meredith College students. This ministry seeks to assist people in academic settings at Meredith College to discover and fulfill their vocation in Jesus Christ.

Muslim Student Association
MSA is a student-run organization, and membership is open to anyone who is interested in joining. The purpose of MSA is to serve the best interest of Islam and Muslims at Meredith College. MSA will promote friendship and understanding between Muslim students and the non-Muslim Meredith community, share knowledge and practices of Islam, serve as a support group for Muslim students in the community, and conduct social, cultural, educational and religious activities on behalf of and for its members and the Meredith community at large.


Communicates the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel in a sensitive, relevant manner to students on campus. Provides opportunities for students to grow and be equipped for a lifetime of Christian service through Bible studies, conferences, retreats, socials, and community events. Provides multiple opportunities to be involved in mission work locally, inter-culturally, and internationally. Encourages an atmosphere of prayer for students and faculty.

Every Nation Campus Ministries
A diverse and multicultural group of Christian students, staff, and associate members, ENCM is committed to sharing the good news of life in Jesus Christ, helping people in their relationship with God, and providing students with training for victorious Christian living, leadership, and excellence. We strive to make a positive impact on the Meredith campus by developing students, offering biblical solutions to contemporary problems, and serving every facet of the Meredith community and ultimately the world. We often partner with the ENCM chapter at NC State, are known for our after-after-parties, make deep friendships, and are in passionate pursuit of God.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
IVCF is an interdenominational multi-ethnic campus ministry open to all students. This group offers a fellowship where its members unite to share their faith in Jesus and help one another grow as disciples and witnesses to God’s love and forgiveness. We offer student-led small groups where people are known, loved, and challenged on a personal level. Additionally, our weekly Community Night gatherings, social events, and other activities provide opportunities to develop life-long friendships and to grow spiritually. We care about the people and things that Jesus cares about, and our commitment to justice helps to connect us to our campus and community in meaningful ways.

Reformed University Fellowship – RUF
Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). RUF seeks to serve the individuals at Meredith College from Presbyterian backgrounds while also welcoming and serving any individual at Meredith College who would like to be a part of our community regardless of their faith background. RUF exists to serve the students of Meredith College and in the Raleigh area by equipping them to grow in their faith and their love for Jesus as well as equipping them to serve the specific campus of which they are a part. Large Group meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at N.C. State University. Small group meetings are held in various locations on Meredith’s campus throughout the week. All are welcome.

Summit College
Following the Holy Spirit, we exist to create a movement of disciple – making disciples in RDU and around the world.

Young Life College
The purpose of YLC is to help Meredith students grow in community with one another, explore questions about God, and develop their leadership skills to better serve their peers and those younger than them in the surrounding community. YLC offers a fun, accepting community for college students to be part of while exploring or deepening their own Christian faith, providing opportunities for college students to engage in Young Life ministry with local middle school and high school students, and offering activities like weekly club meetings, small group Bible studies, and community service opportunities in an effort to positively impact the campus and surrounding community.

Contact Information
Rev. Stacy Pardue
(919) 760-8347