Overall Goal

The goal of the program is to implement principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and discrete trial teaching (DTT) in an individualized way, to allow any child to reach their maximum potential in all areas. The goal is for every child to build a strong foundation for learning so that they can transition to the least restrictive environment for their future educational setting, demonstrate independence in their daily life, and functionally communicate with those around them.

Parent Involvement

MAP makes a priority to focus on the family unit to empower them in their knowledge and application of ABA principles to ensure consistency across environments and prepare them for life beyond MAP.  All primary caregivers are expected and required to participate in monthly training with their overseeing BCBA and collect data on caregiver goals implemented in the home as outlined in the individualized treatment plan. Parents are required to maintain consistency in the implementation of written protocols regarding skill acquisition and behavior reduction

Our Fees

For families that will be self-pay (no insurance coverage or benefits), MAP will bill them on a monthly sliding scale rate.  Please contact us for our current private self-pay rate.  Monthly rates are subject to change with 60 days written notice.  Fees may increase 2-5% annually. 

MAP is in-network with some insurance companies.  Having health insurance coverage does not guarantee coverage for ABA/Autism services; each carrier and employer is different.  MAP will contact you during the application review process to inquire and verify your insurance benefits.    Prior to enrollment, all families are required to sign a financial agreement.  In the event your insurance does not authorize full hours, you will be required to pay for the hours not approved at the self-pay rate in order to maintain full hours.  

How to Apply

To apply for autism services, children must have an independent diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, live within a 25-mile radius of Meredith College, and be no older than 4.5 years at the time of enrollment.  MAP does NOT provide part-time services to families, nor provide staff for families that are conducting their own home-based programs.  The process of application to enrollment is listed below.

Application Process

  • Click the request services tab, download the application, complete, and submit
  • MAP will contact you to verify your child meets eligibility requirements, notify you of next available openings, and provide you with a resource kit.
  • If you meet eligibility, you will be placed on the waiting list and MAP will contact you when the next application review period begins. 
  • Once the review process begins, families will be notified and asked to confirm their level of interest in autism services and sumit additional documentation.  Applications will be ranked based on the child’s age (youngest to oldest) and other clinical factors from documentation review.  Families are then contacted in the order they fall on the list to schedule a tour, intake, and initial assessment.  MAP requests that all legal guardians be present for the scheduled tour and intake as this is the beginning of making an informed decision regarding your interest in our services. Scheduling and attending a tour does not guarantee enrollment for autism services. It is important to note that due to our intensive nature and short intervention period, we make priority for children younger than age four.  If there is an extensive waiting list (more applicants than spaces available), not all families on the waiting list will be offered a tour.
  • After the intake and initial assessment have been completed, MAP staff will review results to determine best fit.  The family will be contacted and notified of whether they have been offered a slot for autism services.  If offered a slot, the family will be given a time frame to accept and pay a deposit for the slot.

The Meredith Autism Program (MAP) provides early intervention for autistic preschoolers using Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Contact Information 
Meredith Autism Program
3800 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, NC 27607-5298
(919) 760-8080
Fax: (919) 760-8818
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