Ways to Expand Your College Search Beyond the School’s Website

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A college’s website is a great resource for prospective students, at any point in the college search.

Whether you’re a freshman just beginning to explore potential colleges or a senior making a final decision on what school to attend, a website like can answer many questions: Does the college offer my major? What kind of financial aid is available? Can I have a car on campus?

But what other resources can help you learn about a college that interests you? Here are four options to consider as you research colleges and universities.

1.   Follow the college on social media. Following a college that interests you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter is a way to find out what is happening on campus. Colleges use social media to share photos and news, celebrate student accomplishments, and promote events. (You can even get a sense of what the weather is like – at Meredith we get all four seasons!) You may want to follow the college’s official accounts as well as those of the Office of Admissions. Find Meredith Admissions on Instagram and Facebook.

2.   Search for your potential school on YouTube. Most colleges, including Meredith, have their own YouTube channel. Ours includes videos about majors, the Strong Stories of our students, faculty, and alumnae, and videos that showcase campus life and traditions. There’s our Meredith Minute series, in which faculty members explain a topic related to their areas of expertise. You can also find videos made by our students on the Student Take channel.

3.   Connect with current students. The best way to do this is during your campus visit. Your tour guide is likely to be a current student (at Meredith, she will be). And if you schedule an individual visit, many colleges include in the schedule the opportunity to visit a class and meet students in your intended major.

4.   Talk to alumni of the school. Get the scoop about a school by talking to someone who went there. You may know a recent graduate of your high school who now attends your prospective college. Get in touch and ask how their experience is going. Some colleges also have alumni connect with prospective students in their area. If this interests you, inquire with the admissions office to see what options are available.

Of course, you may still have questions even after all of this research. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your admissions counselor, a great resource who can speak to your individual situation. Never feel like your question isn’t worth asking – that’s why your counselor is there.

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