22 Powerful Meredith Stories to Kick Off 2022

Meredith Students on Campus in front of a fountain

At Meredith College, all of our students are fearless in pursuing their future. Strong Stories highlight some of these students who represent our core values and are preparing for a life of purpose and impact. 

Here are 22 powerful stories from the Meredith community to inspire your college search for 2022. 

1. Taylor Keyes

As someone who loves a challenge, Taylor Keyes, ’19, finds her work as a lab research technician for Duke Health to be both purposeful and fulfilling. Meredith helped Taylor connect her strengths in problem-solving to a career in vaccine research.

Taylor Keyes Going Strong

2.  Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio

With support from her research advisor, biology & public health student Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio, ’22, is passionate about studying life, including the reproductive system and maternity. As a first-generation college student, she’s hoping to encourage other Latina women to pursue their dreams and earn a college degree.

Joselyn Marroquin Aparicio

3. Logan Alphin

Business administration major Logan Alphin, ’19, is thriving in her career thanks to the meaningful hands-on experiences and strategic and critical thinking skills she gained through Meredith’s School of Business.

4. Briana Petrusa

Fulbright recipient Briana Petrusa, ’21, combines her interests in chemistry and Spanish to pursue a career in medicine helping underserved populations.

5. Casey Corpening

Environmental sustainability major and class president Casey Corpening, ’22, plans to be a science teacher. As a Meredith College and NC Teaching Fellow, she is learning to apply her strengths in the classroom.

Casey Corpening

6. Erykah Harris

At Meredith, interior design major Erykah Harris, ʼ21, learned to take advantage of the experiential opportunities that came her way.

Erykah Harris

7. Natalya Brown

Inspired by a study abroad experience and with guidance from her faculty mentor, honors student Natalya Brown, ’21, now holds three Bachelor of Arts degrees: Spanish, criminology, and sociology.

8. Laura Austin

Laura Austin, ’21, is passionate about the arts. She found studying theatre in a women’s college environment an empowering experience. 

Laura Austin

9. Naomi Hill

At Meredith, communication student Naomi Hill, ’21, discovered a passion for leadership and activism. After graduating, she plans to attend law school to become a litigator who focuses on issues impacting women.

naomi Hill

 10. Tyler Pharr

A fashion merchandising and design major with a design concentration, Tyler Pharr, ’21, is in New York City. She is pursuing a master’s degree in fashion studies at The New School.

Tyler Pharr

11. Bailey Birtchet

Taking full advantage of a plethora of opportunities at Meredith, Bailey Birtchet, ’21, is more than ready to take on her next challenge as a Fulbright award recipient. Bailey is currently studying in the Netherlands at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, St. Joost School of Fine Art and Design.

Bailey Birtchet

12. Sania Laraib Shujauddin

After learning about her strengths through Meredith’s StrongPoints® program, Sania Laraib Shujauddin, ’19, gained the confidence to pursue leadership and networking opportunities early in her college career. 

Sania Laraib Shujauddin

13. Sophie Lee

Psychology major Sophie Lee, ’22, came to Meredith ready to take on new challenges. Identifying her strengths helped her decide on a career path, including pursuing a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology at Meredith.

Sophie Lee

14. Rachel Scott Dunn

Psychology major Rachel Scott Dunn, ’21, used her personal experiences and strengths, finding her ideal career path at Meredith. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree and her dream job of helping children with autism in a one-on-one setting.

Rachel Scott Dunn

15. Sarah Powell

During her first year at Meredith College, Business & Economics student Sarah Powell, ’22, discovered her strength to advocate for change. Now student body president at Meredith and an aspiring law student, Powell continues to hone her leadership skills to become a successful advocate.

16. Kimberly Schuh

After graduating with a degree in exercise & sports science, Honors Scholar and dual-sport athlete Kimberly Schuh, ’21, works as an elementary P.E. teacher. This career combines her interests in movement and education.

17. Neali Healms

Neali Healms, ’21, learned how to become a strong leader at Meredith by serving as Cornhuskin’ co-chair. She plans to use the skills she gained from campus leadership in her future career in public relations.

18. Tasia Bromell

Business administration major and honors student Tasia Bromell, ’21, studied abroad and held leadership roles both on campus and during her HR internship. She continues her education at Meredith as an accelerated MBA student.

Tasia Bromell

19. Rachel Hefner

Building her legacy of kindness at Meredith College, social work student Rachel Hefner, ’21, dedicates most of her time volunteering to improve the lives of those who live within her local community. She is now in the advanced standing master of social work program at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Rachel Hefner

20. Jasmine Lewis

Jasmine Lewis, ’21, a double major in family and consumer science and psychology, said she is growing into her authentic self because of her time at Meredith.

Jasmine Lewis

21. Cinthia Arreola

After Spanish and biology major Cinthia Arreola, ’21, took a course in Spanish translation during her junior year, which inspired her to continue to uncover new ways to support her community.

Cinthia Arreola in Commencement Gown seated with dog

22. Paige Lawrence

An Honors Scholar with majors in psychology and mathematics, Paige Lawrence, ’21, realized the importance of community while at Meredith. This discovery inspires her to work with retirement homes to study fall prevention. After graduating, she continues her studies at East Carolina University in the Master of Occupational Therapy program.


Did you connect with any of our students’ stories? You can find more on our Strong Stories blog, and if you want to learn more about becoming a Meredith student, go to

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