Transfer Advising

Get the credit you deserve.

Students who transfer to Meredith are able to stay on track with their academic goals by using the services of The Office of Academic Advising.

Each new transfer student receives a personal transfer credit evaluation, which ensures that they get the maximum credit hours for courses they’ve previously taken. After the evaluation, students work with Academic Advising to establish a plan for achieving their academic goals.

As their time continues at Meredith, transfer students may use the services of the Office of Academic Advising to stay on target, which include workshops, academic coaching and academic progress assessments.

Transfer students begin the advising process with staff in the Office of Academic Advising, and later, their faculty advisors, who help them set and achieve their personal academic goals.

The Office of Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising is available to advise transfer students in every area of planning for academic success. Students work with staff to:

  • Arrange meetings with program coordinators (for those who know their intended major)
  • Explore and consider majors (for those who are undecided)
  • Review transfer credit evaluations once completed (Please note, OAA cannot evaluate transcripts. Transcripts are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office.)
  • Identify academic strengths and interests
  • Implement and evaluate academic action plans


Faculty Advisors

Transfer students who are ready to declare a major are assigned a faculty advisor within their program of study upon deposit. This advisor will advise based on the student’s academic history and goals. Transfer students who are undecided are advised by staff in the Office of Academic Advising until a major has been declared.

Faculty Advisors:

  • Assist students in their consideration and clarification of educational goals
  • Assist students in developing a plan of study consistent with their goals and objectives
  • Provide accurate information to students and are available for discussions
  • Possess knowledge of programs, resources, policies and procedures
  • Provide timely attention to academic advising matters
  • Assist students in evaluation and re-evaluation of progress toward established goals and educational plans
  • Make referrals to resources within and outside of the college as appropriate

Contact Information 
1st Floor, Park Center
(919) 760-8062