Identity-Based Resources for Study Abroad: Student Athletes​

Maddy Ostrowski, ’24, summer 2023 in Denmark

Many student athletes may believe that studying abroad won’t work for them because of intense schedules and training during the semester. However, Meredith offers many short-term programs that can work well for student athletes’ schedules and give them the opportunity to embark on an international educational experience. Summer or spring break programs may be especially good fits for student athletes, but with some advance planning a semester-long experience may be possible as well.

Student Athlete Water Skiing Abroad.

Maddy Ostrowski, ’24, summer 2023 in Denmark

Studying abroad can provide opportunities for student athletes to engage with the world and learn more about sports, sports medicine, and exercise science in other countries. Additionally, many student athletes may find internships abroad to be an attractive option to maximize their time.

If you are a student athlete interested in studying abroad, be sure to connect with the OIP and with your coach or mentor to discuss any questions you may have. We are excited to help you find a program that will work with your schedule, interests, and needs.

While abroad, there may also be opportunities to continue playing a sport, whether that’s the one you play at Meredith or another you’re interested in learning about. There may be local clubs or associations that you can join while you’re abroad or other ways to stay on track with your sport.

Questions to Consider

  • When would be the best time to participate in study abroad based on my training and playing schedule?
  • Do I have any pre- or post-season obligations to my team or sport?
  • Do I need to continue training while I’m abroad? If so, what facilities will I have access to in my host country? Can my specific dietary or nutritional requirements be met while abroad?
  • Are there options to play my sport or others in my host country?


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