Identity-Based Resources for Study Abroad: Military-Connected Students​

Sheila Thomas, ’19, Spring 2018 Semester in Italy program

As a military-connected student, you may already be familiar with some of the challenges and rewards of traveling abroad or other experiences requiring cross-cultural adjustment. Study abroad can be a rewarding experience for many military-connected students who have already cultivated skills like adaptability and perseverance. However, there are also some questions to consider as you prepare for study abroad as a military-connected student.

Sheila Thomas, ’19, Spring 2018 Semester in Italy program.

Sheila Thomas, ’19, Spring 2018 Semester in Italy program

If you are currently serving in the military, be sure to confirm with your unit that you are eligible to study abroad. Additionally, look into potentially using your GI Bill benefits to help fund your study abroad experience. You may be eligible to use these benefits for Meredith College faculty-led programs or at approved foreign institutions, but they may only apply toward educational expenses such as tuition, not lodging, airfare, or third-party fees.

It is also important to research your host country before you depart. Some foreign cultures have different perspectives on the U.S. military or have rules about wearing camouflage clothing if you aren’t a local active military personnel. Understanding these cultural contexts can help you have a successful experience abroad.

Questions to Consider

  • How is the U.S. military and the military in general viewed in my host country? How might that affect my experience?
  • What military assistance and benefits can I use towards my study abroad program? Have I talked to my local veteran resource office or Meredith’s Office of Financial Assistance?
  • What military, work, family, or home responsibilities do I need to take into consideration when choosing a program? Will program length factor into my decision?


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