The case of OIP: Using multiple data sources

In 2016, the Office of International Programs (OIP), with the assistance of RPA, revised program and student learning outcomes, including outcomes related to international students.

Over the past few months OIP and the Dean of Students Office have partnered with RPA to gather comprehensive data about the experience of international students at Meredith. This project was designed to support the newly formed International Student Task Force, a special committee co-chaired by the Director of International Programs and Dean of Students. The task force is meeting throughout the spring 2017 semester to evaluate current international student support and make recommendations for future infrastructure.

In November and December, RPA distributed a customized survey to all current undergraduate and graduate F-1 international students. Based on emerging themes from these survey results, RPA held undergraduate and graduate student focus groups to gather rich qualitative data. RPA also provided data from international students within the most recent Meredith student satisfaction survey.

Committee members are utilizing these multiple sources of data to identify strategic priorities, shape conversations with stakeholders, and make data-driven recommendations to the College.

“The data from RPA has been invaluable in supporting a thoughtful and productive agenda for the task force this spring,” said Director of International Programs Brooke Shurer. This is an example of how revised outcomes led to the collection of baseline data for use in developing action plans, which in turn will be re-assessed over time.

Further, Assistant Director of International Programs Leila Ghannad will present at the upcoming North Carolina Association of International Educators conference on Meredith’s process of gathering multiple sources of data regarding the international student experience. Additionally, RPA and OIP staff have submitted a proposal to present at the annual NCICU Assessment Conference.

–Submitted by Dianne Raubenheimer, Director of Research, Planning and Assessment

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