The Black Alumnae Collective

Throughout the past year, a group of alumnae have worked to launch the Black Alumnae Collective (B.A.C.), a new affinity group within the Alumnae Association. The Collective, co-chaired by Brittany Jenkins, ’17 and Daphne Moore, ’19, is composed of dedicated alumnae who strive to connect, empower, and celebrate the Black women of Meredith College – past, present, and future. The B.A.C. aims to be a source of two-way communication for information gathering and story sharing with the College’s decision-makers to impact transformative systems and policy change for generations of Black students and alumnae at Meredith.

Currently, the Collective is focused on growing their membership, building community, setting goals, and determining action steps for change at Meredith College. As such, Collective leadership coordinated a virtual critical mass meeting and had over 60 alumnae join us from around the country and representing 26 different class years. Some thoughts and ideas shared include but are not limited to: the Collective working together to provide mentorship opportunities, advocacy strategies, creating different communication for alumnae to remain connected, and celebrating the achievements of our alumnae. Planning is already underway for a graduation celebration for members of the Class of 2021.

The logo for the B.A.C. was designed by graphic design major Marissa McCauley, ’21. She began her work in art at a young age and transitioned into digital art work in high school. From there, McCauley knew it was the field she wanted to pursue. Her art is a blend of traditional and digital medium, along with some animation.

Already a professional graphic designer with her own freelance business, McCauley finds joy in collaborating with a business and bringing its mission to life through powerful design. She said working on the B.A.C.’s logo was particularly meaningful because she felt so connected to the Collective’s mission.

“I wanted the logo to express the beautifully diverse aspects of the Black community, as we as a people are not homogenous. We come from many backgrounds, cultures, and experiences that make us so beautifully unique. I wanted to show that we can come together as a collective and connect through our shared experiences as well as our amazing difference.”

To connect with the B.A.C. as well as remain informed about news, updates, events, and volunteer opportunities with B.A.C., please subscribe to the list serv by visiting:

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