StrongPoints Helps Students Who are Preparing to Launch—Register by March 13

StrongPoints® is offering Preparing to Launch, a four-part workshop series targeting students who are approaching the transition from college to life after Meredith. These workshops will equip students with knowledge and effective strategies to be successful in their relationships, financial decision making, career management, and personal branding. Preparing to Launch is focused on building resilient women who are ready to face the joys and obstacles they will encounter in the world. To participate, students must register on the StrongPoints MyMeredith page by March 13th, 2019.

Preparing to Launch will feature weekly workshops beginning March 19, 2019. The series will cover the following topics:

Building & Maintaining Relationships

Navigating a full time job, graduate school, and living in a new city can be difficult aspects of life after college. But students can be supported through these and other transitions by intentionally pursuing a community in the next chapter of their lives. This workshop, a collaboration between StrongPoints and the Counseling Center, will focus on effective ways to maintain existing relationships and build new ones in various environments outside of Meredith.

Financial Decision Making in Independent Living

While some students have experience managing personal finances and living independently, other students lack the financial literacy necessary for decision making after graduation. This workshop, facilitated by a Meredith faculty member from the School of Business, will cover the basics of financial decision making and the important financial considerations students will encounter as a new graduate living on their own.

Intentional Career Management

Upon graduation, many students will have secured their first job. But the career planning journey doesn’t stop there!  In this workshop facilitated by the Office of Career Planning, students will identify strategic ways to continue building their career after college. A local employer will also offer students perspective on how to make intentional decisions to manage their careers and reach their career goals.

Building Your Personal Brand & Image

Students’ personal image and brand are vitally important. Whether they have a full-time job, enroll in graduate school, or run their own business, students’ personal brand and image can consistently communicate who they are to those around them. This session, led by two faculty members and entrepreneurs from Meredith’s Communication Department, will share the secrets of successful branding and image both in person and online.

This series is sponsored by StrongPoints®, Meredith College’s comprehensive advising and coaching initiative designed to help students make the most of college and prepare for life after Meredith. StrongPoints is available to all students at no extra cost. With the guidance of faculty and staff advisors, students identify their strengths and apply their strengths through their academic work, experiential involvement, financial literacy, and career planning. For more information about StrongPoints, visit

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