School of Arts & Humanities to Focus on Activism: Then and Now

Meredith’s School of Arts & Humanities will focus on Activism: Then and Now as its common theme for 2019-20.

The theme is inspired by the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote. The year is a celebration of the activism that led to this landmark legislation, and will also recognize the important role that activism continues to play.

Act Now, a Common Experience kickoff event was held on September 9, featuring comments from Chaplain Donna Battle and students and faculty from the School of Arts & Humanities. Speakers reflected on what activism is and is not, shared insights from their own experiences as activists, and emphasized the importance of voting.

Other speakers gave an overview of some of the events planned for the year, which range from performances, lectures by guest speakers, and art exhibitions. In April, Meredith will hold Snapshot 20/20, a symposium focused on the 19th amendment, and the School will host a common experience showcase at Celebrating Student Achievement Day.

Sarah Roth, dean of the School of Arts & Humanities, said the theme will spark “a year-long conversation that brings together all the perspectives represented in the School.”

The School has previously had social inequality and women warriors as the common experience theme. The theme includes academic opportunities, through course work and special events. This year, those involved hope to also include opportunities for action.

“We want to put a focus on action, to inspire and motivate all of us to work toward change,” Roth said.

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