Meredith to Use CampusClear Mobile App for COVID-19 Self-Screenings

Meredith’s Incident Response Team (IRT) is in the final stages of implementing CampusClear, a mobile app that allows students, faculty, and staff on campus to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

The mobile app is free and has been widely adopted at over 300 schools in an effort to allow students to return to their campuses safely.

“This is the leading app for self-screening among colleges and universities,” says Meredith’s Director of Health Services Mary Johnson. “Both health services and technology services have spent several weeks vetting it and testing out its capabilities.”

Research has shown that daily self-screening and documentation of symptoms has helped reduce the spread of COVID-19 in a hospital environment setting. Based on this research, universities have adopted this technological solution to self-screening for college campuses.

“We’ve done a lot of research on the best options for self-screening,” says Johnson. “We are confident that CampusClear will provide a safe, easy, and effective way for us to be on campus.”

The app provides a short, intuitive survey that takes fewer than 10 seconds to complete on a daily basis. Users simply type in their email address to create an account and will log in daily to answer a question about their symptoms. The privacy of each user is protected and their information is only accessible to key health officials of the College who are leading contract tracing efforts.

“All the app asks for in terms of your personal information is your email and your symptoms,” says Johnson. “That data can only be accessed and encrypted by Meredith College health officials who are leading contact tracing efforts.”

Once the one-question survey is submitted, users will be directed to a results page. The Campus Clear “Good to Go” screen will be required to be shown at the Hillsborough Street entrance to ensure the safety of the Meredith community.

All community members including students, employees, and visitors will be expected to use the app as part of Meredith’s Community Standard requirements. Those who invite others onto campus are responsible for making sure their visitors are aware of the Standards prior to their arrival.

CampusClear is one of the many initiatives in place to help protect the Meredith community and allow a safe return to campus in the fall. For more updates on Meredith’s plans for the 2020-21 academic year, visit

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