Meredith Students Produce News Show

Meredith students are now producing a biweekly show from the news studio in the Communication and Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences (CHESS) building. 

The program, Meredith College Student News (MCSN), features stories shot, written, and edited by students under the guidance of Dr. Lynn Owens, associate professor of communication. 

Senior Freya Dahlgren serves as executive producer and anchor of the show. 

“I decided to get involved with MCSN because I have always loved news and learning,” said Dahlgren. “When this opportunity presented itself on campus I knew I had to jump at the chance to participate. In meetings with Dr. Owens about goals and plans, I was chosen as the anchor and executive producer, and it has been incredible!”

Dahlgren said her favorite part of working on MCSN has been telling Meredith stories with a wider audience.

“I think everyone has a story to tell that people can learn from, and I really love how we can share these through our programming.”

Although she doesn’t plan to go into broadcast news, Dahlgren said the experience is helping her to prepare for her career in several ways. 

“Being on MCSN has helped me learn how to ask insightful questions, write compelling stories, and lead with humility with others. These skills are transferrable to a real-world career after I graduate in May.”

Owens has a strong background in television news, having worked as a reporter for WNCT-TV and at Reuters Television in London as a technical producer. She has been teaching journalism and mass communication since 2006, having served as the faculty advisor for UNC-Chapel Hill’s student newscast, Carolina Week.

She said Meredith’s show is completely student run and the opportunity to participate is available to students from all majors, not just those studying communication.

“I’m just there as quality control, using my background knowledge in the industry to make sure that the product looks professional, but I’ve always stressed that this is their show,” she said.

The biweekly schedule allows students to develop story ideas and gather the content needed for each piece.

“We put it all together live – there’s no do-over as I make sure it’s done in one take, just like a real newscast,” she said. “One week we pitch ideas and then the students go out to write and shoot their stories. The following week is studio day when we go in with the anchor and put the show together.”

Owens said the mission of the show is to be informative.

“We want to let students know what’s happening on campus, and to focus on accomplishments and opportunities,” said Owens. “My students want to showcase the good things people are doing.”


Students produce the news show in Meredith’s newest academic space, Communication and Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences (CHESS) building. The building includes a state-of-the-art recording studio, a podcast room, three editing rooms, a collaboration room, Health and Human Performance Lab, and more.

The building is fully accessible and has several energy-saving features, including LED lighting and a high-efficiency central air cooling system. To add to the beauty of the building, the lobby has a water feature and a fireplace. There are also patios on the front and side of the building and 18 offices for department heads and athletic staff.
You can watch the program on YouTube@meredithcollegestudentnews and Instagram @mc.studentnews.

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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