Meredith Italian Students Attend NC Opera

On Friday, January 24, around 15 Meredith students attended the Italian Opera “Pagliacci” performed by the North Carolina Opera. The students were accompanied by their Italian professor Sandra Pesoli.

The Memorial Auditorium in downtown Raleigh was the perfect place to see such a beautiful work of art. The space was perfect and allowed the actors magnificent voices to be heard in every corner of the theater. The orchestra pit could also be heard as their wonderful performance was a treat to experience along with the unique voices on stage.

The story of Pagliacci was captivating, with or without fluent understanding of Italian. The varying types of relationships seen in characters like Nedda and Canio versus Nedda and Silvio truly made the audience feel every emotion the characters on stage were feeling. The execution of “commedia dell’arte” was amazing to see in person.

Thanks to a generous donor, each Meredith student was granted a free ticket into Pagliacci. As a student, it can be difficult to discover amazing things like this because of a tight budget. Overall, the chance to see Pagliacci for free was priceless for someone learning about Italian language and culture and was a great way to enrich the general college experience at Meredith.

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