Meredith Graduate Creates New Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Logo

Sara King, ʼ19, a communications major, recently learned that a design she created in 2018 in Meredith’s Digital Media Convergence class was chosen as the new Cooperating Raleigh Colleges (CRC) logo.

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges is a nonprofit consortium that promotes collaboration among six higher education institutions in Raleigh and Wake County. Meredith College, NC State University, William Peace University, Saint Augustine’s University, Shaw University, and Wake Tech Community College all work together to allow students to take the classes at their campuses and share libraries and other resources.

“I was so excited to find out and proud to represent Meredith,” said King. “I transferred to Meredith in 2017 and the College really showed me that there are so many possibilities for my future and I think this is proof of that.”

Assistant Professor of Communication Alan Buck designed the class for students to learn the basics of terminology and key understanding of new media/interactive media, while also learning how to create content. Content can include infographics, logos, marketing materials, and video. After lectures and practice, students are partnered with nonprofits in the Raleigh area to create whatever the client needs for their marketing efforts. On the last day of class students present the final product to the organization.

“For a lot of students, this project is the first time they’ve met a real client in-person onsite,” says Buck. “There are no guidelines for the project, it’s literally whatever the client wants.”

In this case, CRC needed a video to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The group of students in the class interviewed the director as well as students and other representatives from the six colleges and decided, in addition to the video, to create general social media guidelines and new logo options.

The group of five students worked together to conduct interviews in the Raleigh area, which included setting up a camera and microphone equipment, editing the video, and presenting it to CRC.

“I learned the most during the interview process. It was a challenge for me in the beginning because using the camera, video editing software, and the editing process was so technical, but it ended up being a great experience,” said King. “It was one of the first times I had worked with an actual client, so that was an invaluable experience.”

During those client conversations, the students also learned that CRC was thinking about creating a new logo, so they took it upon themselves to present a few new ones that King created.

Maura Dicolla, executive director of Cooperating Raleigh Colleges, appreciates the forward thinking King had in developing the logo by showing a connection with the city. DiColla is focusing on growing the connection with the city as CRC moves forward.

“CRC is very proud to have so many incredibly talented students in the consortium,” said Maura DiColla, executive director of Cooperating Raleigh Colleges. “Students bring fresh ideas and perspectives, and we higher education professionals exist to help students be successful. This was a great chance to collaborate and help students show off their talent.”

For Buck, there was no better feeling than to learn the news of King’s logo winning the vote of the CRC Board that is composed of presidents, chancellors, and other high level administrators.

“When I heard her design was chosen, I was beyond ecstatic,” said Buck. “My goal is to make sure students succeed in this field and that I teach them all I can to help them. There is no better feeling than to learn of news like this. I am so happy for Sara!”

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