Meredith College Welcomes Class of 2020 to Campus

The Meredith College community put on a major welcome for the Class of 2020 during Move-In Day on August 19, including the massive balloon arch and cheering crowds of students that are Meredith traditions.

Sophomores and juniors now serving as resident assistants said the day brought back memories of their freshman year.

Katelyn Steadman, ’19, recalled how this Meredith tradition made her feel. “The best memory I have of that day was how welcoming everyone was and how comfortable it made me feel to know that I had so many people supporting me,” Steadman said.

Lynsi Beers, ’18, agreed. “The most memorable part of my freshman Move-In Day was the balloon arch when we drove on campus and all of the Meredith students and staff going crazy greeting us,” she said. “There were tons of people with signs and noisemakers cheering and making sure we felt special.”

Now, these Residence Life staff members are among those who have worked for many days to prepare for welcoming new students to campus.

Megan Lee, ’18, calls Move-In Day one of the most important days of the year for residence life staff. “I was up bright and early helping the rest of the residence life staff prepare everything to welcome the incoming class,” said Lee, who believes “the feeling of community at Meredith starts in the residence halls, and it is the resident assistant’s job to foster that feeling.”

Residence Life staff play an important role in the campus community on Move-In Day and beyond.

“I like to stop into each student’s room on Move-In Day to introduce myself and to ensure that the student is greeted with a smiling, friendly face,”  said Katie Murphy, ’18.

Madison Batten, ’18, said faculty, staff, and other students are great resources for new students. “The openness of the Meredith community is welcoming, and it makes the beautiful campus even more special.”

In addition to students, staff, and faculty, parent and alumnae volunteers also helped to welcome students. Parents Council member Susanne Newman wanted to help create the same sense of community for new students that she and her daughter felt during their Move-In Day.

“So many people from different areas within Meredith put their time and effort into the Move-In Day experience,” Newman said “It is a day-long, multi-faceted welcome that is absolutely genuine. Meredith is a long lasting community that is happy to have you join it.”

Strong Enrollment for Fall 2016
The Class of 2020 includes approximately 432 new first-year students. Members of this class come from 16 states and 11 countries, including Afghanistan, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Gambia, Honduras, Kenya, Korea, India, Mexico, and Nepal.

When the new academic year begins on August 24, Meredith expects to enroll approximately 702 new undergraduate and graduate students. The College’s total student population is expected to be around 1,900 students, marking the third year in a row that Meredith’s total enrollment has increased. The College’s graduate and post-baccalaureate program enrollment is up 26% over the previous year.

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