Meredith Celebrates Lacrosse Seniors with Special Commencement Ceremony

As they have for an impressive ten years in a row, Meredith College’s lacrosse team won its USA South conference tournament in 2024, earning them a berth in the NCAA Division III tournament.

In what has become an unofficial tradition, Meredith holds a special commencement ceremony for seniors on the lacrosse team when they reach the tournament. The team’s success on the field means they will be in competition when the College’s official commencement is held on Saturday, May 11. The special ceremony was held on Thursday, May 9, in the rotunda of Johnson Hall.

Lacrosse team members participating in the commencement ceremony were Arrianna May, Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude; Madelyn Mitzel, Bachelor of Science; and Francesca Rosone, Bachelor of Science.

Vice President for College Programs Jean Jackson, ’75, Acting Provost Laura Davidson, and President Jo Allen, ’80, were part of the ceremony, which included elements of commencement, baccalaureate, and class day traditions.

Lacrosse Head Coach Lauren Scott delivered special remarks for the seniors on her team. Along with heartfelt comments, Scott reminded the team, as only a coach can, of the advice she gives them at every game: “Have fun. Don’t Suck. You’ve got this.”

Scott appreciates the College’s celebration of the team’s success.

“We’re so proud and grateful to Meredith College for acknowledging the hard work of these graduates and this team with a memorable ceremony. They were determined to succeed despite numerous setbacks this season and it’s also a tribute to ten years of hard work in the lacrosse program here at Meredith,” Scott said.

Having a special ceremony was meaningful for the lacrosse seniors and their families.

“This meant a lot to me because our team was included in the ceremony, “ said Francesca Rosone, ’24. “At Meredith, everyone knows each other by name – so it felt really special to have this more intimate graduation ceremony.”

Parents were proud of the many accomplishments of their student-athletes.

“I am overwhelmed with pride. I’ve always believed that participating in sports teaches important lessons and her experience at Meredith has definitely done that,” said Chrissy May of her daughter Arrianna.

Arrianna’s dad, Brian May, called her Meredith experience transformative.

“She understood what it took to get it done and her work ethic really shines through in everything she does,” Brian May said. “Being at a women’s college allowed her to find her way and build her confidence because everyone is supportive and they push each other to become strong, independent women.”

This was the first lacrosse commencement ceremony for Athletic Director Shannon Yates, who joined Avenging Angel Athletics in July 2023.

“I was honored to attend my first commencement ceremony as the athletic director of Meredith College. Lacrosse is celebrating a decade of excellence,” Yates said. “Thank you to President Allen and Dr. Jackson for holding a special ceremony so the team can go to the NCAA championship. I could not be more proud of this team, these graduates, Coach Scott, and the athletics staff.”

The Avenging Angels will take on Catholic University in the first round on May 11 at 12 p.m.


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